Short briefs to master the art of cyber actions branded for the medical profession.

Quick Meet: when an event is added to one's calendar with invitees' email, the event will automatically be added for video conferencing on one's Meet app, accessible in Chamber. The same will be added to invitees' Calendar and Meet app after confirmation. Just move on meet creating or uploading docs and collaborating with them, by organizing content into a client's folder on Drive... and do much more...

Google Suite and allied products branded for the Medical Profession on Ready Made wWw.Medicube.Space

On receiving Yourname@Medicube.Space login credentials, peruse the same to add it as a Google for Work Account in Account Settings of your Mobile/Device


Add which is also a Google/Android login id, as your primary account in Settings of your Mobile/Device for fine tuned performance.


Simply add as a new Google/Android identity/account on your mobile or any other device.


Bookmark your branded wWw Clinic with public address: which lands as a professional icon on your screen or bookmarks: in immediate touch around the World.

To edit profile, add/edit any content/pages or insert videos and other media; or insert data/files from your other Google Suite Tools like slides, docs, youtube, spreadsheets, banking/payment links etc., open your office in a new window and on mobile browser Settings (on first access): opt Desktop Version, see menu and follow prompts to insert media or add text and rich files however you want and Publish from Publishing icon on top... in furtherance of your Medical Profession across the World.

Keep accessing MEDICAL RESEARCH TOOLS*** also for professional avenues and horizons among/across the Medical Fraternity.

( ...Install hangouts meet and all relevant Google Apps on your mobile for a cyber edge in Medical Profession.

Clients may be on any mobile or device and Medicube.Space Branded Google Suite products including hangouts MEET* are cross platform compatible and need no installations on clients' side..

Doctors can also work offline by setting options of relevant docs for offline mode...

Go to Deck... All on ones Medicube.Space MOBILE CHAMBER* or on any other device... Login & innovate from menu/dashboard all Google products on a single medicube branded Google Id with your wWw office as Dr.Name.Medicube.Space

1. Access Appointment Requests on MAIL* or Messenger in Cabinet

2. Access CALENDAR* to Update** or View** current Schedules.**.

3. Update oneself with relevant medical progress and empower oneself with all other requirements accessing MEDICAL RESEARCH***

4. Access CABINET to Create** a folder for the client and Organise** it as a folder within a parent folder titled Clients therein.

5 Choose a Tme/Date in your CALENDAR*** to ADD** an Event and follow PROMPTS** to easily Fix** Schedules and also Intimate** Clients with link to the automatically generated personal/conferancable VIDEO MEET*** scheduled on your Mobile or any other device. OR Directly invite client into your Meeting Room in CHAMBER with tools to intimate therein.

6. Create/Add/Share Documents/Prescriptions to Clients' Folder and Collaborate Sharing** necessary documents with clients for live editions, attestations, signs etc.. clients may share or forward docs on gmail or drive.. organise them into respective client's folders.

7. Prepare/work on your case accessing Electronic Medical Records*** and other tools in Deck or CABINET aiding Medical Thought Processes.

8. Transfer** relevant material to intelligent Slide/Presentation** tools fully equipped for your intellectual workout on medical processes, all on your MOBILE!

9. Update** clients back directly from their respectively named folders in your CABINET.. or by Sharing with them on MAIL*..

10. Review and Collect Fees/incidental charges accessing BANKING and allied billing tools (insert Google Pay id or name) for easy monetary transfers on your BANK Account.

* Google Products branded by Medicube.Space for the Medical Profession.

** User friendly Interactive Tools accessible from Google Suite Product Menu for Medicube.Space

*** Additionally exclusive Medicube.Space configurations branded on Google Suite.