Lawcube.Space and Medicube.Space are Google Suite Legacy Edition Domains accorded with accounts for technical feedback and promotion of Google Suite among the Legal & Medical Fraternity. One click in and out migrable Google Account Data as it is across diverse Google Services.

Pricing Is On Domain Name Identity & Routing Functions, Occupational Data Branding And Professionally Interactive Attractions: $ 15 or INR 999 Per Annum Only and Google Legacy Edition Account is added on at no extra cost.

All You Get & why You Need Medicube.Space

World class Google IT infrastructure, secure and swift on cloud forever. All Google Suite Products and Innovations automated for rapid release. Branded and Customized for the Medical Profession.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things scripted omni device accessibility. Professional tasks and Patient care simplified for easy and immediately in hand Mobile Clinics.

Pricing is only $15 per annum for Medicube.Space Domain and Sub Domain Name Branding and Professional functionality Scripting. Data and functionality vested on Google Legacy Edition Accounts on Google Cloud added on with no extra cost. No additional upgrading charges or accounting. Ever advancing technologies and configurations automatically upgraded for free.

All on a single and branded for Medical Profession Google Account Login: World's first and in advance forever, state of art wWw Doctors' Clinics: Mobile enhanced case diary, online Meeting, Document Collaborations, Case Research and Study, Fees Collection, Case Preperation and court presentation uniquely makes a Medicube.Space professional a Smart Doctor.

Lawcube.Space and Medicube.Space are Google Suites with 15 GB Space with options for Google App Engine and Google Basic, Business or Enterprise Edition accounts on Launchpad.